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Ekalavya Ashramam - Seva bharati, Manchiryal

Ekalavya Ashramam:- Mancheryal
On the banks of the holy GODAVARI overlooking the Hanuman Temple is the “ Ekalavya Ashramam – Seva Bharathi” a home for Tribal boys. The boys are selected from poor families and children that are needy and with a spark in their faces. Situated on the out skirts of Mancheryal town the Tribal home has a serene environment. The Ashram provides an IDEAL place for the Future EKALAVYAS. It has a room to accommodate 100 Tribal boys who shall be selected from in and around the District. As on summer 2004 there are 48 children.
The Children are given Education, food and Samskaras, amenities that are congenial for a smooth basic educational pursuit. They are counseled and equipped for a better tomorrow.
This Affection home has children from Nayakapu, Manne, Gond, Khollham, Pradhan and Lambada. These children have bubbling talent, which needs to be nurtured and encouraged.
These boys have made their mark in Studies at school and also out of the school in the co-curricu…