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#RakshaBandhan celebrations in #EkalavyaAshram by #RotaryClub #Mancherial #Adilabad

Rotary Club, Mancherial, Adilabad members have celebrated Raksha Bandhan with Ekalavya Ashram Tribal Boys Home.

#EkalavyaAshramam #Mancherial 69th #IndependenceDay #Celebrations #SevaBharathi #Adilabad

Ekalavya Ashramam Mancherial  69th Independence Day Celebrations Seva Bharathi Adilabad .

ASP Vijay Kumar & CI Suresh Babu interacting with ekalavya ashrama students.

Donors Celebrate their achievements with Children of Ekalavya ashramam - Sevabharathi

Damodar Rao MEO and his family were at the Ekalavya Aashramam - Sevabharathi to celebrate their daughter's achievements in life a memorable her first job.

They donated books and pens and one day expenditureto thAffection Home .. Thankyou Sir

Ekalavya Ashram -Sevabharathi A tribal Home witth a difference

Ekalavya Ashram -Sevabharathi A tribal Home witth a difference; encourages children to cleanliness and do their own things in life.